Mary had a little lamb

I had a true nightmare. I call it a nightmare because it consisted of all the people that needs to be gone from my life,  but it wasn’t a nightmare in a sense… Continue reading


I dreamed that I need to trust. It is out of distrust that I categorize unfairly. (This only applies to this one particular person though!) But in my dream none of the categories… Continue reading

I breathe

I breathe for you.  Come past my guarded walls


  La persistencia de la memoria (the reflection of a girl taking the picture is me)    I keep having dreams that tells me, ‘hey look, it’s right there in front of you.… Continue reading


  Time is irrelevant.

Let’s pretend to be positive

I have found a very nice way to speak my mind. I’m not one of those people who say “let’s be positive and smoke weed and eat veges!” type of person. Oh no,… Continue reading

Me being a bitch. Nothing new.

I have a ton to say and nothing too nice. I’m going to sleep and see if I can say it any nicer in the morning.

A story of a man.

Long story short, basically this man builds high walls all around his property and shuts everyone and everything out. He just likes his property so much, that’s all. (I’m trying to sympathize with… Continue reading

My final decision. No turning back.

Did I say I was going to do some actual rational thinking this time? Well… that actually led me to the most irrational and unlikely decision. God knows what is wrong with me.… Continue reading

Je pense donc je suis

I’m going to think long and hard until I know everything for certain. I used to be such impulsive decision maker, but this time I’ll try thinking for a change.