Unexpected “presents”

1. Two precious stone bracelets from my boyfriend’s grandmother. They are beautiful. I’m going to keep it well and wear it well along with the precious and ancient necklace that I received last… Continue reading

Shallow men’s complaints

Originally this was a long extensive post criticizing hypocritical shallow superficial idiots. But now I have to rewrite the summary version because I lost it. God, I had written such a good post….… Continue reading


I’ve wrote some extensive posts and they are all gone. Grrrrrrrrrhhhhh on avignon and also a post discussing shallow idiots. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

sur le pont d’avignon

What? You must be kidding… I lost all that I’ve wrote??? This post is empty?? Why?? WordPress come on…

Foodie me

Whenever I don’t know what to do with a relationship, I compare it to food and suddenly everything is figured. :) Currently it’s a flan.

More North Korean Facts

There is a very large and substantial underground city in North Korea. There are even factories underground. Specifically so that even if North Korea blew apart, the underground city can go on on… Continue reading

No more

Gone are the days of my passionate traveling. I’m so sick and tired of traveling. Just the word travel makes me ill inside. I am desperately wanting to stay in one place for… Continue reading

Return to France

As I was packing winter clothes for south of france, I was finally told: “Baby, you don’t take winter clothes to Texas. It’s the same.” I had to completely repack everything. Just like… Continue reading

Mr.A vs Mr.A

Mr. A is a leader of America.  Another Mr.A is a leader of Europe.  They are not so different from each other in the way they do things.  They do things like the… Continue reading

The Shanghai of North Korea

You might think that such thing does not exist, but it does.  There is a one particular city in North Korea (Not the capital city Pyongyang) that is exempt from the socialist laws. … Continue reading